Our Services

At Owens Construction, our trained and skilled craftsmen offer solutions for military, industrial, commercial, residential and historical construction.

What Our Clients Say

Tom Owens Construction has been the best discovery to me in my business! He is the most professional, prompt, courteous, fair and efficient company to work with that I’ve come across in 20 years of my real estate sales and property management business. His Unlimited GC license gives me the confidence that when I need a new metal roof on my commercial building, a new electrical panel installed in my rental home, foundation or structural work done under multiple properties that I’ve had for sale or managed for rent, plumbing pipes repaired, mold and mildew remidied, and more, he gets the job done! I hear nothing but praise for him and his company from all of the customers and clients that I refer Owens Construction to for home and commercial remodeling, repair and construction.

Tom and his crew even came out during hurricane winds to board (then replace after the storm) a window that a limb had fallen into and broken, in a clients home. He exemplifies first class, professional service and is a pleasure to work with. Tom also has very good communication skills and can identify and explain issues he discovers as well as listens to and responds to ideas a customer may have. He can do it all! I’ll never hesitate to call or refer Owens Construction to anyone, and be confident they too will become a satisfied customer!

Cynthia Safrit
Broker, Eddy Myers Real Estate