Industrial & Equipment Installation

Industrial construction – to us – is a very unique form of construction that requires a great deal of training, expertise and experience. Here at Owens Construction, we know the ins and outs of each step of the process – from the equipment used throughout a project to collaboration with designers for the layout of new factories. We recognize the fact that industrial side of things is similar to other types of construction we do (i.e., commercial, residential), but contains a few different facets. Specific training and expertise is needed to complete industrial construction tasks properly and efficiently, which is what we harbor here at Owens Construction on a daily basis. Below are a few features we offer under our umbrella of industrial construction:

  • Installation & removal for metalworking equipment, including CNC lathes, boring machines, milling machines, presses, Coordinate Measurement Machines
  • Heavy duty machine removal
  • Foundation installation
  • Design collaboration for machine shop foundations
  • Rigging, transportation and loading and unloading for all sizes of machining equipment